Technical data and features

Type: Automatic 35mm single lens reflex camera
Image size: 24 x 36 mm
Film: Standard 35 mm film cartridges
Lens mount: Konica bayonet II, diameter 47 mm , flange-film distance 40.5 mm
Shutter: Vertically travelling, electronically controlled metal focal plane shutter
Single, non-rotating speed setting dial
Shutter speeds: B, 2 s – 1/1000 s in constant progression
Flash synch: X synch: 1/100 s with dedicated electronic flash Konica X-24
1/60 s with other, non-dedicated, electronic flash units
1/30 s with flash bulbs of types M, FP, and MF
X synch contact in built-in accessory hot shoe
With dedicated electronic flash Konica X-24 shutter speeds and aperture setting on camera are controlled by the flash unit with two electric contacts in the hot accessory shoe
Self timer: Electronically controlled, delay approx. 10 s
Blinks when activated, the faster the shorter the remaining time is
Viewfinder: Pentaprism eye-level finder with upright, unreversed image
Magnification: 0.67x (with 40mm lens at ∞)
Viewfinder shows 90% of actual image area
Mat screen with central split-image focussing and microprism collar
Viewfinder indications: Light meter LEDs show closest aperture to metered value at actual shutter speed
Warning LEDs for over- and underexposure
Warning LED for manual exposure control
Warning LED for low battery voltage
LED indicator for stopped-down aperture (match-needle) metering
Flash-ready LED when dedicated flash Konica X-24 is used
Mirror: Electronically controlled, fully automatic instant-return mirror
Exposure control: Fully automatic exposure control (AEC) with shutter speed priority
Smallest aperture 22
When using appropriate lenses, metering is done with aperture fully open
Stopped-down aperture (match-needle) metering for manual preset lenses or third-party lenses mounted with adapters
Light meter: Metering through-the-lens (TTL) with 2 phosphor-doped gallium-arsenide GaAs-cells
Sensitivity range exposure values EV 0 – EV 19 with ISO 100/21°
Centre-weighted metering
Power supply: 4 pieces 1.55 V silver oxyde batteries type SR44 or alternativeley 4 pieces 1.5 V alkaline batteries type LR44
Film speed settings: ISO 25/15° – ISO 1600/33°
Film loading: Konica Auto Loading system
Film transport: Single-stroke lever with 138° travel and approx. 20° play transports film and cocks shutter simultaneously
Equipped with double-exposure prevention
Display shows correct film transport
When external motor Konica Auto Winder F (accessory) is fitted, film tranport is fully automatic
Film counter: Automatically resets with opening of camera back
Counts up to 38 frames
Rewinding: Foldable rewind crank
Rewind release button self-locks when actuating the transport lever
Other features: Holder for film cardboard box lid on back for indication of used film
Electronic port for communications with accessories like cable release or interval timer
Provision for attachment of external motor Konica Auto Winder F
1/4" tripod socket
Weight (without lens): 515 g (approx. 181/4 oz)
Dimensions (without lens): Width x height x depth: 140 x 89 x 45 mm (approx. 51/2" x 3 1/2" x 13/4"
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