Accessories for the viewfinder eyepiece

The Konica SLR system provides a couple of accessories for the viewfinder eyepiece:

Viewfinder eyepieces

Over the years, Konica changed the viewfinder eyepieces on their SLR cameras. Four variations exist:

Image: Viewfinder eyepiece: Camera models:
Viewfinder eyepiece Konica F eye-level finder Viewfinder eyepiece
Konica F eye-level finder
No accessory connection
Viewfinder eyepiece other cameras F bayonet Roof-shaped viewfinder eyepiece
Other cameras F bayonet
Slide-on accessory connection
internal linkFP / Revue SR / Wards slr700
Round viewfinder eyepiece cameras AR bayonet Round viewfinder eyepiece
Early cameras AR bayonet
Screw-in accessory connection
internal linkAuto-Reflex / Autorex / Revue Auto-Reflex
internal linkAuto-Reflex P / Autorex P / Revue SP
internal linkAutoreflex T / FTA / Revue TTL
internal linkAutoreflex A
internal linkAutoreflex T2 / New FTA
internal linkAutoreflex A2
Autoreflex A1000
internal linkAutoreflex T3
internal linkAutoreflex A3
internal linkAutoreflex T3N
Rectangular viewfinder eyepiece cameras AR bayonet Rectangular viewfinder eyepiece
Late cameras AR bayonet
Slide-on accessory connection
internal linkAutoreflex TC
internal linkAutoreflex T4
internal linkFS-1
internal linkFC-1
internal linkFP-1
internal linkFT-1
internal linkTC-X
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