Konica Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2 metal version

Konica Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2
earlier metal version

Konica Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2 rubber version

Konica Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2
later rubberized version

Konishiroku Hexanon 35 mm / F2
Konica Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2

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The Hexanon 35 mm / F2 was one of the early lenses to be available for the Konica SLR system. For the early internal linkF bayonet, 35 mm was the only available wide-angle focal length – beside the Hexanon 35 mm / F2 there also was a cheaper and slower variation, the internal linkHexanon / Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2.8, which is much more common.

The lens provided automatic aperture right from the beginning in all variations. There is a version for the coupled light meter of the Konica F. All variations for the internal linkAR bayonet provide fully automatic EE or AE aperture control.

The usual design changes with dropping of the chrome ring, change to rubberized focusing ring, or replacement of the yellow EE mark with the green AE mark have been applied to the lens, so many different downvariations exist.

The lens never has been changed to a smallest aperture 22, although it was offered until the Konica SLR system was dropped altogether. The optical construction of 9 elements in 7 groups stayed unchanged during the whole construction period, only the coatings have been improved.

The Hexanon / Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2 has very good image quality. It renders very sharp images with high contrast and good colour rendition. Barrel or pincushion distortions are not visible.

The Hexanon / Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2 is not very sensitive to back or stray light. With its big and not recessed front element, the consequent use of a lens hood is recommended in most situations to avoid loss of contrast, however. A matching rectangular metal lens hood was available from Konica. This original lens hood is quite deep, shades very well and can also be used on many standard lenses. Of course third party lens hoods can be used as well, but the original lens hood is worth it, if you can get one.

The 35 mm lens can be used in many different situations. The wide-angle effect is not as noticeable as in shorter focal lengths, so this focal length was sometimes used as standard lens – many compact cameras with fixed focal length also have 35 mm lenses.

The Hexanon / Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2 is quite rare and therefore much more expensive than its slower counterpart. If you don't really need the higher speed – a whole aperture stop – you are served with the much cheaper Hexanon / Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2.8 almost just as well.

Lens data
Angle of view: 63°
Construction: 9 elements in 7 groups
Aperture: coupled F bayonet: Automatic aperture, smallest aperture 16
uncoupled F bayonet: Automatic aperture, smallest aperture 16
AR bayonet: Fully automatic AE,smallest aperture 16
Closest focusing: 0.3 m (113/4")
Filter thread: 55 mm
Length (at ∞): 57 mm (21/4")
Weight: 320 g (111/4 oz)
Lens hood: Metal, 57 mm rectangular clamp-on
Lens diagram:
Lens diagram Hexanon / Hexanon AR 35 mm / F2
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